Disinfection Systems

Ultra Violet Lamps

Ultra Violete Lamps

Ultraviolet light water purification systems use patented technology to provide microbiologically safe water. Their unique design concentrates UV energy in a small space, with great intensity. In a fraction of a second your water will be microbiologically safe to ensure your family doesn’t risk drinking unsafe water.

Feeder Pump

Feeder Pump

This unique feed pump, disinfection system can eliminate the concerns of harmful bacteria and algae in water supplies. The pumping system can use a variety of solutions to inject into the water supply, depending on the specific application needed. The systems can be on a metered version that can be measured very accurately. After injecting the solution, the water needs time to disinfect in the retention tank. Tanks range from 40 to 120 gallons. This system meets all State and Federal certifications to make water safe and potable. This system can also be used in configuration with other treatment options.