Customer Reviews

“In 2013 H2O Restoration installed a high quality water filtration system due to major water issues that were devastating to us. Prior to this we could not even drink our water. Since the installation, we could not be happier with the quality of water we now have, which is very drinkable but also with the amazing service H2O Restoration has given us. They have stuck by us and stand by their systems 110%. My family highly recommends H2O Restoration to anyone wanting to improve their drinking water!”

– Patty

“They have such friendly customer service and the water systems have really saved us so much money over the years! Having good pure water is so vital to our health and these systems do exactly that!”

– Christina

“We had this system put in 2014. Its the best, tried everything and this is the best. Have had no problems and everyone at H20 are very nice and go out of there way if you have a question just ask them. No more orange water, smelly water and you can drink it love it. Thank- you Happy Holidays. The Smiths.”

– Joy