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Specialty Water Filters

Kinetico whole house water filters guard against troublesome elements, like iron and chlorine, as well as suspended solids that can make water appear dirty or cloudy.

The first step in finding the system that’s right for your home is getting a free water analysis.



Get whole house dechlorination in a convenient package that can upgrade virtually any water softener. The activated carbon adsorbs objectionable tastes and odors from chlorinated water. Dechlorination reduces deterioration of rubber seals in fixtures and appliances and eliminates drying of hair and skin due to chlorine.

Ultra Violet Lamps

Ultraviolet light water purification systems use patented technology to provide microbiologically safe water. Their unique design concentrates UV energy in a small space, with great intensity.  In a fraction of a second your water will be microbiologically safe to ensure your family doesn’t risk drinking unsafe water.